5 Common Interview Questions & Answer

5 Common Interview Questions & Answer

Basically, for the starting of every interview, they will ask you for self-introduction.

 In tackling this kind of question, the skill is to stay calm and get prepared as this is just the ice-breaking section and you can have your answer in mind in advance. Try to make a summary in terms of your education, social activities, past working experience, and hobbies. The time frame for this ice-breaking section will be around 3 to 5 minutes, but not more than that.

 2. The interviewer will go through your resume and ask the working experience listed.

 For this kind of question, a prepared answer could be possible, so, you should have the answer in advance on what you have done from those experiences, including daily tasks and what you have learned or got from those experiences. The interviewer will usually ask questions like “what are the most challenging tasks and what makes you feel satisfied in your job. if you are looking for Dubai job this is very common. Try to be specific with real examples. For example, when you said that you learned team-working skills, then the interviewer is expecting you to be involved within a team for performing daily tasks.

 3. The second question coming up from the interviewer would differ according to the stage of the interview process. For the first stage, they will probably ask you why you feel interested in the job you are applying for. Whether you know the nature of the job that you are applying for and what do you expect to learn through the job.

 It depends on whether you have a specific interest in the job you are applying. If yes, you should just tell the truth. Of course, the interviewer is not expecting a short answer. Some elaboration would be necessary in order to show your real interest in this position and show your initiative in joining the company.


 At this stage, the interviewer will try to ask more challenging questions to test your reaction and respond. Questions like “what makes you think you are suitable to work in this company?” or even harder questions like “Do you think you are careful enough? Are you a careless person?” For the first question, the main purpose is to test you self-confident. You have to practice your ideal answer before the interview until you can say it loudly and proudly. For the second question, it does not have a standard answer. I suggest you to be honest and tell the truth. Indeed, the different interviewer will have different responses to your “honest” answer and therefore it is also necessary to beware of his/ her reaction to your answer. (Tips: Do not expose too much of your carelessness to the interviewer)

 Some other general questions would include:

 – Why are you leaving your current position?

 To deal with this job interview question, one possible way is to always cite reasons such as career progression, quality of life, reward package, etc. and related these to merits of the job you are being interviewed for. Do not mention how much you disliked your previous company and your boss. Always be cheerful as this projects a more confident and positive image.

 – What do you think you can offer to this company?

 One possible way to handle it is to focus on your resume and search for something that matches the interviewer’s / company’s needs. It can be done by either emphasizing your strengths or by showing that you have researched the interviewer’s / company’s business before the interview. A balanced answer that highlights exactly how your strengths match the job requirements and show an awareness of what the company does is perfect for this question.

 – What do you think you can achieve with 5 years’ time?

 Always answer in general terms. The job may carry the little prospect of progression in itself. If you are keen to progress, this may not be the appropriate role for you, so you should establish what opportunities there are to progress into other roles. Some general terms could be beginning to take up some management roles.

 – What are your weaknesses?

 Never really mention your weaknesses. I tried to portray yourself in a positive by saying work-related statements, such as, tend to work too long hours, being a perfectionist, and need to make sure my work is 100% accurate. And after that, provide further elaboration on the above issues or mention how your strength outweighs your weakness. 

 – Why should we employ you, rather than one of the other candidates?

 To prepare your answer, you need to know what is critical for the success factor for this job, and the way you fulfill this requirement. Show that you have the ability to meet the job requirement and you will offer a real advantage over all other candidates.

 4. Up to this stage, either they will ask you for some specific questions that they are in mind or they will give you a briefing on the company and the position you are applying.

 For example, if you are applying for the position of accountant, you would expect questions related to accounting that would be given. Of course, these questions depend on the position you are applying to and depend on your knowledge background. If can’t answer, don’t make any guess and be honest to tell that you don’t know. Probably, the way to save yourself is to say that you are now taking up courses or reading books in that area.

 5. Finally, it would come to the time you ask back questions.

 Under any circumstance, you should ask at least 2 questions. One in general, one job-specific. Some general questions include:

 – “What’s the interview process?”

 – “When will I know the result for the next interview?”

 Some specific questions should be related to the position you are applying to. Of course, you can ask for more details based on the job description from the interviewer.

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