7 tips for professional dreamers

7 tips for professional dreamers

As many of the topics we talked about have already been discussed in the blog, I take advantage of this post to connect them!

If you also consider yourself a dreamer (but not only of those who dream, but of those who commit to their dreams) here are 7 tips for professional dreamers. I hope you like them.

he first competition that a professional dreamer has to exercise is the ability to widen the imagination. For what purpose? Increase the size of dreams! You know it all starts with a thought:

Sow a thought and you will reap an act;
Sow an act and you will reap a habit;
Sow a habit and you will reap a character;
Sow a character and you will reap a destiny.

In the session we talked about two of my favorite techniques to transform the imagination: the art of memory (one of my recurring themes that drives me crazy) and the polymath (other).

The Art of Memory

The art of memory allows to associate physical places (e.g. rooms of a house or of any known space) with mental places (ideas, concepts, thought patterns, etc.).

The idea is to create “anchors” (between physical and mental place) and that we can traverse the physical space with our imagination to recover the ideas that we have previously deposited in each place.

This bond strengthens memory and, if we use it to incorporate creative techniques (which move our thinking), we will multiply the size of our imagination, which is the starting point for any dreamer.

It sounds complicated, but it’s simpler than it looks. If you want to know more you can watch my lecture on the art of memory in Ingenta your communication.

Polymaths, the future is yours!

If you want to dig deeper I recommend my post on polymath.

To widen the imagination, an infallible tool is to deepen the intersections between different areas that you master,because intersections are very fertile territories for creativity. In my case, for example, I work at the intersection of Philosophy and Artificial Intelligence.

Polymath is also one of the combat techniques I propose against “weak artificial intelligence” in our book The Antidote.

Structure your thinking

Thought requires a certain structure to sustain itself. In my case, I use your secret company’s Pentagon every year to place my dreams at its vertices. It’s a way to create anchors between the vertices and my dreams,and keep them always at a conscious level

Use your subconscious mind

It is one of my favorite productivity techniques, systematically using the power of the Ascending Activator Reticulated System,which in Your secret company we transform into a friendly hound, to multiply our productivity by two through the power of the subconscious mind.

In case you don’t believe me, Bertrand Russell (who was a pretty smart guy) also used it

I have realized, for example, that when I have to write about a difficult subject, it is best to think about it with great intensity — the greater intensity with which I am able — for a few hours or days, to, in the end, send an order to the subconscious so that the work continues as a background task. After a few months, I consciously return to the subject and find that the work has already been done.

Identifies the next physical action

It seems silly, but the difference between doing something and not doing it often has its origin in the ability to clearly identify what is the next physical action I can do to move forward.

I learned it from David Allen (one of my gurus) many years ago(what’s next?)and, since then, I have tried to exercise it (I have a system implemented in ever note with almost a thousand concrete physical actions).

When it has to do with dreams it is exactly the same, what is the next step I should take? And when you complete it, what’s next? (and so on)

Draw lines and accumulate commodores

Dreaming requires discipline and almost always a lot of effort and commitment. It’s an unpopular message in an instant consumer society, but achieving something important in your life is possible to take you… 5 years, 10 years? (if someone tells you something else lies to you…)

That’s why I like to paint lines and accumulate steps in their direction. That way we will approach the result progressively. Be patient and enjoy the road!

Don’t forget: Big dreams and small steps! (pictured below represents this idea for me)

Since almost no one has time, it is important to know how to use the small fractions of time we find, as small treasures, throughout the week.

In my case I use the commodore technique (fractions of 30 m. of high intensity) applied to my dreams. I have commodores management apps on my phone and my watch

Genuinely interested in others

This is important and common sense, but it is very difficult for us to apply it. The ultimate secret to liking others is very simple: they’ll like you if they feel good when they’re with you. I learned it from Jack Shaffer,a former FBI agent who expert in training spies to influence others, and that we interviewed at Influences.

And the best way to make them feel good when they’re with you is also very simple: be authentic about them!

If you do, you’ll notice the difference.

Use the intelligence of the heart

And finally, one last recommendation: follow the dictates of your heart,because…

The heart has reasons that reason ignores.


And to follow the dictates of your heart, 3 techniques:

  • Look for your Hold on to what makes you different. Be authentic.
  • Always chase your ikigai,the powerful reason to get up every morning.
  • Exercise the intelligence of the small brain of the heart.The heart is my favorite organ. The engine of dreams,and, as we tell in The Antidote, the most sophisticated form of intelligence.

As Nietzsche would say, live your life so that you want for her the eternal return


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