Atomizer: What is it, types and categories?

What is the Atomizer?

The Atomizer of an electronic cigarette is the part that is between the nozzle and the battery and is very easy to distinguish, as it is where the liquid is deposited for vaping. The atomizer is normally screwed into our device and can be exchanged with others thanks to its standard 510 thread.

There are also proprietary atomizers, these, unlike the above are not interchangeable. There are several types and categories of atomizers and we show you below Atomizer CategoriesWhen we talk about categories we can distinguish two types of atomizers:Clearmizers: They are those that use commercial resistors manufactured by the brand of the clearer,these resistors already come with everything necessary to be used, after a few days of use are discarded and exchanged for new ones.

The clearmizer is the most popular type of atomizer and the ideal to start in vaping.Repairable: They are those that use resistors that do not need to be discarded every time the cotton is changed and we can also manipulate them as we wish. These resistors can be made ourselves or resort to some made by an artisan.

These types of resistors offer a better vaping experience by producing better flavor and steam. You can dig deeper into our resistance post Types of RBA Atomizers (Rebuidable Atomizer)

1. RDA

Also known as Rebuidable dripping atomizer or drip-repairable atomizer. These types of devices are dry vaping devices and have no reservoir for the liquid, it drips onto cotton or wick and should be impregnated with liquid every time the cotton is dried. Meet all our RDA atomizers here.atomizador

2. RTA

Rebuildable tank atomizer, is like the RDA but this model if you have a tank to store the liquid. If you want  to know our models click here.atomizador


Its original name is Rebuidable drip tank atomizer, it is a dry vaping atomizer like the GDR but with a deposit at the bottom. The liquid is absorbed between gravity and pressure. Allows dry drafting. Available in our store all MODELS of RDTA.atomizador

4. GTA

Genesis Tank atomizer, is the least common model and in it, resistance is placed in the middle of the tank

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