STEEL DIVISION 2 Pc Game REVIEW A grandiose portrayal of the Eastern Front of World War II, Steel Division 2 outlines Operation Bagration: The back-breaking drive of the Red Army against the Nazi war machine. It’s an ambitious real-time strategy game, and although it eventually fails to live up to much of that ambition— especially with its single-player campaign — the vastness of its battles depicts with lavish detail the scope of total war.

Operation Bagration was the offensive of June to August 1944 which threw a huge number of the best troops of the Soviet army into occupied Belarus and Poland against the German army. The Soviet Army invaded and destroyed Germany’s Army Group Center at the same moment as the Normandy attack thousands of kilometers north, marking the end for Germany in the east. The battling troop units in this game are tired veterans who have been in combat for three years, many of whom are armed with some of the most advanced weapons to be developed during the battle. Others are fresh-faced conscripts and new recruits or back-line battalions pushed by the current offensive into front-line service.


Tactical wars are the essence of the game, conflicts in real time that pit hundreds of units against each other in conflicts that feel real. Battles of 10 players on each side, each controlling a few hundred weapons, feature prominently in online play and take place on a scale so large that if you had to, you couldn’t expect to reach your furthest friend. It is a war on a scale which inspires awe when you watch in ocean of game

Steel Division 2 advances realism to the degree that it can be forced into the genre and stays fun: the main gun of a tank will shoot massive distances— up to 2,000 meters— and even such a range does not break a map’s breadth. It can take minutes to fire a piece of multi-rocket ammunition. Infantry will battle in urban warfare for so long that they run their thousands of rounds of ammunition completely dry, forcing you to carry supply trucks along with the next wave of replacements. SD2’s tactical play requires you to think for specifics such as composition of force and speed of movement and how geography impacts the battlefield— and not in dull, simple ways like Light Cover or Heavy Cover,

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