Surgeries – What to Ask Your Surgeon

Before you undergo any type of surgery, whether it is a dental procedure or cosmetic procedure, you must have a general understanding of the answers to your surgery questions. Most people don’t ask their surgeon a lot of questions and may never even realize what they are being asked. But if you ask a few of these questions, you will be much better prepared for the answers.

Surgery Questions

One of the first questions that should be asked is the general questions of surgical procedures. A dental surgeon is not a doctor, he is only an expert. He cannot give you medical advice and cannot answer every question you have. However, he can help you learn about your condition so you can make better decisions about your cosmetic surgery. He is also able to tell you the best way to answer questions that are not related to surgery.


Your doctor will need to know the reason why you are interested in surgery and this will help him explain how he will perform the procedure. You will want to find out if the surgery is elective or reconstructive. The surgeon will need to know your age, weight, height, current health and past medical history. Also, you will have to let him know if you have any previous surgeries on your face.


Anesthetic is a major part of any surgery. You will need to tell the surgeon whether you will be able to withstand the anesthesia that will be used during the surgery. This information will allow him to make the decision whether or not the surgery will be successful. After your surgery, you will have to take some medication to reduce the pain.


You will also want to find out what the post-operative care will be like and what you should expect when you come home from surgery. You will have to keep yourself well hydrated for the rest of your life because you will not be able to eat solid foods right after your surgery. Your diet will include liquids such as water and soup or drinks with an electrolyte content.


As you can see, there are many more questions that you need to ask when it comes to the medical procedures that you will have. This list doesn’t include all the questions that you might have, but it’s a start. If you can’t remember them, you may want to take a refresher course or watch a video about the surgery.

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